• Alterable Morphic; each divine realm is divinely morphic. The Seedvault lies outside the Divine Realms.
  • Mildly Good-Aligned
  • Mildly Chaos-Aligned
  • Mild Faith (Elven Pantheon)

Links: The roots of the World Tree Lie in Arvandor. The Green Fields lie above on the trunk; Dwarfhome is alongside in the roots. The Eladrin maintain a portal to the Gates of the Moon.

Arvandor is a realm of vast natural beauty--Towering Mountains, Crystal Streams, Azure Lakes, and a deep green sea. Corellon's Tower, the overlook, stands at the center of the plane, where it can see the realm's entirety. The palace of Corellon, Crescent Grove, is a place of solitude.

To reach Arvandor, one must either possess (to plane shift from the prime) a forked divining rod made from the mithril and gold of the plane's mountains, set in the wood of its trees, or...

one must plane shift from the prime to the astral, set out on the path to Arvandor, and then enter a color pool leading within.