ART (untrained) (CHA)

This skill allows you to create compelling, believable images, either on physical media or in illusions.

Check: The Check may be made as part of the casting of an illusion spell, or as a craft check for earning income. Art materials cost a fixed amount for a maximum DC. (detailed later).

Before you make the check, nominate the effect that you wish to achieve. If you do not make the DC, the illusion isn't necessarily unbelievable, but does not have the effect desired. Note that for some effects, the foe must still save vs. the spells DC (not a disbelief save) to make the effect take place.

Threatening Enemies
Frightening Enemies
Sickening Enemies
Terrifying Enemies
Nauseating Enemies

Threatening Enemies: you conjure an image and sounds of a foe(s) that the opponent takes seriously as a challenge. Note that if the illusion you conjure simply has the creatures appear, the opponent will get a disbelief save. The DC for this check increases as follows: +5 for dragons, magical beasts, outsiders; +5 per size category larger than medium.

When you execute this check, it is up to the DM to determine if the observing foes believe your conjuration to be a threat. Even if they do, they may still stay in the fight, though will be inclined to think that the odds have changed until they succeed in a disbelief save. Note that monsters must make their own disbelief saves separately for this to be the case...even if their friends are cheering them on, they're still nervous about the looming dragon.

Frightening Enemies: You conjure an image of either an overwhelmingly powerful foe, or an eerie, haunting foe. Enemies must save vs. the spell's DC or become shaken. This is not a disbelief save, though enemies are free to check if if the illusion can be disbelieved by touching/attacking.

Alternately, you could simply alter the mood of the surroundings, so that they are more moody and frightening. Jarring music and wisps of ectoplasm, or evil symbols might be appropriate here. The DC is 10 higher for this effect, and the enemy must be within the area of effect. In this case, the disbelief save is also the determinant for whether the target is shaken or not.

Sickening Enemies: You conjure an image of some disgusting creature/thing. Foes must save or be sickened. This could be an object, in which case interacting with the object will allow a disbelief save. It may also be creatures, as above.

Alternately, it may be a sickening presence, e.g., blood dripping from walls, etc. The DC is 10 higher, per above.

Terrifying Enemies: you get the or frightented.

+ 2 spellcraft.
+ 2 Knowledge (dungeoneering).
+ 2 racial, gnomes.
+ 1 Spell Focus (illusion).
+ 1 Greater Spell Focus (illusion).
+ 1 Illusion Specialist

Modifiers: +5 DC if you can't conjure Sound with the illusion. For Sickening/nauseating, +5 if no smells can be generated with the illusion.