134 (as of 1 Therendor 998)
Date of Birth:
12th of Nymm; 863 YK
Blood Type:
Elven Blood
Eye Color:
Brown; cut short so as not to interfere with wearing a helmet or potential undercover work
90 lbs.
Aiwyn Elenwyd (Identical Twin Sister); Zalae Elenwyd (Mother, Deceased); Feln Elenwyd (Father)


As children the Elenwyd sisters were nearly indistinguishable from one another. Now, after 135 years of life, the two are easy enough to tell apart as almost any man. Ariel's childhood was more peaceful than her sister's, and her Last War experience was more about intelligence, analysis and cloak-and-dagger field work than leading peasant levies into grinding battles. As a result, Ariel is a little more animated in her motions than her sister, and her eyes retain more of that Elvish twinkle. Where Aiwyn looks stern, Ariel seems more affable and approachable (because ACTING). She wears her long brown hair cut short, so as not to interfere with mission requirements (such as wearing a wig). In battle, she wears a Mithril Chain shirt like those of the King's Shields (her Citadel posting prior to joining the Dark Lanterns), enchanted for protection, agility and stealth, over which she wears a King's Citadel officer's tabard (the Dark Lanterns do not display their own symbols or insignia except for ceremonies and state functions -- otherwise they prefer to blend in with other Citadel agents). She carries a Composite Longbow and will use it, but her weapons of choice are the Rapier and Dagger. Both are enchanted, but otherwise appear completely normal. If they have names, Ariel has kept them a closely-held secret (although there is precedent for a Dark Lantern wielding an intelligent dagger, with knowledge and powers designed to complement the skills of a field operative). Ariel is well-trained in the fighting techniques of the King's Citadel, but can also imitate (as a Perform check) stances and maneuvers identified with Aundair, Cyre, Karrnath and Thrane. To the extent that Ariel worships any deity, she prefers Dol Arrah and Dol Dorn and respects the Silver Flame.

When not in battle Ariel dresses as needed by her current mission, or as a typical young Elf noble with a military background would dress, including the rapier at her hip (and the dagger hidden in her bodice, left boot or a sheath on her left forearm -- or perhaps she has daggers in all three places).


Born, with her identical twin sister Aiwyn Elenwyd, into Galifar's aristocracy. The Elenwyd sisters come from a long line of Khorvaire noble Elves. Her family was wealthy and powerful enough to send the sisters to the finest educational collegiums of their choice. Ariel chose the academies of Breland, while Aiwyn pursued religious in Thrane. In their continued effort to provide their daughters the best, the parents Elenwyd set up a household in each land. The Mother, Zalae, set up a modest estate in Thrane, while the Father, Feln, built a luxurious home in the Towers of Sharn. The newest Lightning Rail routes provided an easy way for this split family to stay together.

Member of the Dark Lanterns, the most elite branch of the King's Citadel of Breland responsible for espionage, counter-intelligence and the occasional assassination or act of sabotage.

After the incident with the Bugbears threatening Sterngate, there was a fight at a remote household in the Marguul Pass between the PCs and a mixed pack of Dire and Infernal Wolves -- after which a litter of three newborn infernal dire wolf pups was rescued. Ariel, seeing a way to further her mission to investigate House Vadalis and the recent Goblinoid incusion into Breland, led a small party (including Tanar d'Tharashk and Rock Silverbreath) to bring the litter to PrairieHearth, the vast Vadalis breeding enclave north of Sterngate. At some point she and the others were betrayed by Rock,captured by the traitors Dover d'Vadalis and the Red Owl, and sedated with drugged goodberries for nearly a month until the main party came to the rescue.