Ankheg Skirmish Infantry

The women of the Ankheg tribe made a covenant with Tempus a century ago. In exchange for their worship and devotion as warriors, Tempus would make it clear in no uncertain terms that the women of the Ankheg tribe were not to be domineered and treated as property as the Shaaran humans had done for millienia uncounted. They are very near to Amazons, but over time have settled down into a competitive relationship in battle with the men of the tribe, and have slowly begun to share domestic duties with the men. Whether because of persistent taboos, or because of their style in combat, they do not ride into battle.

Tempus transferred the Covenant to the Red Knight after the Time of Troubles, and now a fraction of the tribe's work at their martial skills with the same vigor as the men. These form an elite band of cavalry that seek to rival the men. Most of their number disperse and direct the other women of the tribe, but a small number plan to prove their might as true amazons in the coming war. Each unit of skirmishers has a triad of three of these Marshal2/Knight2.

The warrior presented here is a Scout3. There are sufficient marshals in the unit that most auras are provided.
STR 11
DEX 13
CON 10
WIS 12

1: (b) Ankheg Tribe Ambush
1: Point Blank Shot
3: Weapon Focus (Spear)

The Numbers

HP: 15
AC: 14, 15 Skirmish. A Marshal gives a further +1 to AC. (MW Leather. Carries a light wooden shield, but doesn't have it on most times.)
Attack: +4, +5 PB Shot, +6 Marshal, +8 bard. Damage: d8+d6, +1 PB Shot) (unit bard plays a mandolin)
Saves: Fort +3, Ref +5, Will +5 (marshal +1 saves, White Raven +2)
Initiative: +3 (+1 marshal, +1 battle fortitude)
Movement: 45 ft. (+5 marshal, +10 scout)

+7 6 ranks hide (+8M)
+7 6 ranks MSilent (+8M)
+7 6 ranks Spot
+7 6 ranks Listen
+9 6 ranks Tumble (+10M)
+7 5 ranks jump
+0 1 rank Knowledge (nature)
+5 6 ranks Craft (trapmaking)
+7 6 ranks Survival

The Units

Though there are over 3,000 Ankheg skirmish infantry, most of them are scouting, observing, or foraging for the army, and another large portion are screening and aiding the cavalry. A number of the tribe's infantry are inexperienced bravos and angry tribeswomen fulfulling the covenant, and can only become combat-effective as mobs (8) About 600 remain after all these erosions, and this amounts to about 15 maneuver elements.