Ankheg Cavalry

The unit is comprised of Typical Ankheg Warriors. It uses a rotating laager formation, spearmen protecting in front, rear ranks firing. The Maneuver element is 30 troopers, with 20 attached skirmishers, and 10 squires aiding in weapon-swap procedures. There is a reserve of five men that rides near (but not with) the men to 'fill in the line' The unit doesn't charge except in opportunity situations, and only once it is worn down do the troopers begin to stay in combat. Once the unit is at about 1/2 HP (raging), the front rank dismounts and instructs their mounts to withdrawal. The second rank moves in to attack over the shoulders of their friends; the rear rank volleys overhead. Here, they hold the line. If a trooper is about to fall, his back-ranker will aid another(AC) to facilitate his withdrwal to his mount, that is held by a squire.

Most Ankheg warriors make it out of a battle alive, even when they are beaten.

at a fighting strength of 1,200 the unit has 32 of these maneuver elements available.