Ambassador Brunhild Mroranon

Brunhild Mroranon represents the interests of the Iron Council (the ruling body of the Mror Holds) in Breland. She was assigned to the position after the Treaty of Thronehold was signed in 996 YK, and has mainly served in Sharn rather than the capital, Wroat. Brunhild is an attractive middle-aged Dwarf female (approx. 110 years of age), with naturally blond-silver hair accentuated by the many silver rings she wears -- denoting her membership in the Silver Concord ofThe Aurum.

As a young woman, she joined the Holds' war for independence from Karrnath, but quickly moved into government and diplomatic work, first representing Clan Mroranon and later the Iron Council as a whole. She spent many years in Karrnath at the court of King Kaius, meeting hundreds of powerful and influential people from throughout Khorvaire.

She has married three times. Brunhild's first two husbands -- leaders from Clan Tordannon and Clan Kolkarun, respectively -- were slain in battle; both left her considerable fortunes, which she invested wisely. In 988 YK she married a third cousin from within her Clan, the powerful Lord Rondek Mroranon. Rondek was in Metrol, having taken up duties as the Holds' Ambassador to Cyre, when the Day of Mourning came. Even after splitting the estate with Lord Rondek's children, Brunhild emerged as one of the wealthiest women in the Holds.

Once in Sharn Brunhild used her wealth and social skills to establish ties with other Dwarves in the city, including a former brother-in-law from her first marriage, Norrin Tordannon. Her duties as Ambassador meant she was on the airship Golden Dragon when it was attacked by bandits and terrorists representing House Tarkanan, the Swords of Liberty and Daask. She survived the battle, and met another Dwarf from the same clan as her second husband -- Golandar Kolkarun.

Which makes sense, since she had requested Golandar be assigned to join her Consular Guards in the first place. She is also responsible for the deal that repatriated Clan Kolkarun's Legacy weapon,the Khazad-Spike, from Clan Droranath in exchange for the Greataxe Golandar had taken from a Jhorash'tar Orc championin battle outside Sterngate -- which was revealed to be Droranath's more-recently-lost Legacy weapon, Beardcutter. Her influence was such that both Clans agreed to allow her protégés, Golandar and Rock Silverbreath of Clan Droranath, to wield the priceless cultural relics.

Brunhild's Aurum Circle

Over the years Brunhild has recruited or welcomed some two dozen candidates, mostly Dwarves, into the lowest level of The Aurum, the Copper Concord. These include:

  • Dolfo Soldorak -- Disgraced former Ambassador to the Cyran exiles in New Cyre
  • Norrin Tordannon -- Deceased
  • Rokar Droranath aka Rock Silverbreath -- Deceased
  • Golandar Kolkarun