Age : 25
Birthdate : 4/28/1347
Debut : Summer '05 (specifically, in the side party to rescue Lia, along with Vytorrin)
Bio/What Happened? : Altroma Llemort was born in a small village in the Shaar and was (compared to most in these times) a normal child, but an accident occurring while he was still an infant gave him the psionic abilities he has now. As he grew, so did his powers; at the age of eight, he got into a fight with a bully which changed his life. When the bully hit him, Altroma felt no pain, but one look at his assailant's now disfigured hand sent him running back home. He told his mother and father what had happened, and they decided that, for the good of the village, he should be sent out into the wild and banned from returning until he gained better control over his powers.
Altroma originally appeared in a sidequest to rescue Lia Nightbreeze. He was part of the Shaaran Resistance at the time, and helped to train the troops to the cause as well as fighting alongside them (he never played a part in the active party's efforts, however). Now that the demons have been dispersed, he would have nothing to do outside of training himself. At that time, Variska made her intentions known: she would move north into the Border Kingdoms in an attempt to make her own land. Altroma, having met Variska during the war for Shaarmid, jumped at the opportunity to help his new friend as well as himself by fighting for her in her quest.
Religious Beliefs : Altroma follows the teachings of Torm the True. One indication of this might well be the right-handed gauntlet portrayed front and center on his breastplate. While he is fully aware that no man can be truly "good", he attempts to treat anyone he can with fairness; in battle, however, the chaos of pitched combat clouds his clarity to an extent, sometimes making him forget about his principles.