Alfred Meldrum

A Human Bard from old Cyre. College-trained in multiple instruments and performing styles. Classmate and friend of Terb Fendurrin.

Alfred was changed and altered by The Mourning. His connection to magic and the power of Bardic music was changed by the cataclysm. He became obsessed with death and the undead, flirting with necromancy

Aloof but usually helpful to the "Unifnished Business" Party, Alfred took part on the liberation of Frostsilver Hold from the Dark Hand Goblinoid remnants. He also interacted with Professor Grigg Wunsin, and was teleported with the others to Wroat. There, he engaged a quartet of Gnoll and Orc Archers supporting a melee force of their Daask brethren as they attacked a river ferry carrying the rest of the party and a Hobgoblin Courier with a vital diplomatic message from Darguun, intended for the Brelish Crown. Nearly killed in that fight, he was stabilized by a quick-thinking guard for the Museum of Galifar History located on the grounds of Morgrave University. Later, he went off on his own again, and was apparently contacted or abducted by the same Daask archers (now the only survivors of the failed assassination). Alfred claimed later that he double-crossed the gangers by pretending to double-cross the party, leading them into an ambush he was sure they'd be able to survive while fighting on their side.

He traveled with the party as far as Sharn, where he separated from them on the pretense of going shopping. Prior to 4 Olarune 998 YK, Alfred was last seen in High Walls, the Cyran refugee district in Sharn.

On 4 Olarune, Carvalho, co-leader of Daask, had a lengthy discussion with the party at the Piece of Home Inn. In their talk the Ogre Mage displayed intimate knowledge of the party's names, backgrounds, affiliations and recent activities. Alfred was then revealed as the informant. He hadn't double-crossed Daask after all, but was hoping for and expecting the party's death (with the exception of either Faye or Nina -- didn't matter which -- who would be "given" to the Bard as a "reward" for his treachery).

Instead, Alfered was himself betrayed, as Carvalho pitted him against Nina Moondown in a one-on-one deathmatch in the Daask-operated fighting arena in Callestan. Nina, her spells exhausted from restoring the party's health that morning, and without her Wolf companion, was at a distinct disadvantage. Alfred summoned two Skeletons, inspired courage in himself, and hit her with two Sound Bursts, while trying to stay away from the enraged Druid in her Wildshaped brown bear form. At the end, injured and spell-depleted himself, he scored a lucky critical hit with his shortsword, leaving the Druid facedown in a pool of water, dying. Instead of finishing her off, Alfred strutted around, playing to the crowd and basking in their cheers. However, a hidden benefactor cast Close Wounds on Nina, which restored her to 1 hit point. She stood, grasped her Gatekeeper Clubwand, and with one final blow knocked the Bard unconscious.

She then took her spear and applied the coup-de-grace.

Alfred's final words: "She's right behind me, isn't she?"