Alestare's connections in the south of Faerun are unmatched and it is suspected that he is the 'bureau chief' for the Moonstars in Southern Faerun. He is a powerful wizard, and is understood to be a generalist, like Merlinzak. He employs numerous adventurers and at one point had three separate adventuring parties working under his auspices in the Shaar.

Alestare is a 'big picture' thinker, and extremely pragmatic, sitting at odds with Lia, who holds a more idealistic 'Harper' view of world politics. Alestare thinks in terms of peace and stability. This dichotomy of views, compounded with the Moonstar-Harper schism, leads them to be less than friendly at times.

His base of operations, at last check, is the Monastery of the Red Claw, a disused building originally dedicated to Lathander. It is significantly refurbished an he has built a tower in the courtyard.