My Lady, Princess Deardra ir'Wynarn,
At your behest I have made my way to Sterngate as you requested. I find my surroundings rather unpleasant and despite several challenges, my faith in the Flame remains as strong as ever. I have no doubt that your wish for me to travel to this border fortress serves a great purpose and will allow the Flame to light the way in the darkness. It is with these thoughts in mind that I write to you now an endeavor to update you on the present situation.

I boarded the Golden Dragon as you requested where I was able to team up with my sister Ariel Elenwyd (who stayed in Breland after I was brought to Thrane at age nine), a member of the Dark Lanterns. Also among those sent to Sterngate were several celebrities of a sort. Sir Cristian Restis (Crest), a Brelish knight whose name was recently added to Breland’s Roll of Honour and Dashiell Kaplan, a Human Cleric of Boldrei famed to have manifested the true Jorasco Mark of Healing. With them traveled their companions, Colden Torbald d'Orien and Ullracht Markar, both practitioners of Blade Magic like myself, though theirs' seems more skill than faith, A Dwarf of the Mror Holds Golandar Kolkarun, and a Kobold with wings that Dashiell refers to as Chok’ma. An interesting bunch to be sure and although none of them are faithful most seem to be drawn upon by strong enough personal convictions that it should make little difference.

Several members split off to form pre-emptory landing parties an effort to clear out the advanced scouting parties the Marguul Bugbear insurgents sent forth. Volunteering for one such unit I found myself teamed up with my sister, Colden, Ullracht, Gollandar, and the Lyrandar in charge of piloting the skiff. We made landfall just East of Sterngate and encountered a small band of Bugbears in the cover of a wooded area. Engaging them, we were unpleasantly surprised to find that what looked like a small brush-covered hillock was in fact a camouflaged Warforged Titan, its battered plating painted nearly black once it threw off the huge gillie suit. There was no magic in its disguise, which is how we missed it when we passed over their camp. Later, Ariel said it must have been a survivor of the Battle of Marguul Pass in 970 YK, turned to the Goblin cause.