Mourning in Khorvaire: An Eberron Campaign

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Season Four Preview Chapters and Recap
  • SEASON FOUR, Part II: TBD (starting roughly 11 Eyre 998 YK)
  • SEASON FOUR, Part I: 24 May to 13 December 2015 (9 to 16 Eyre 998 YK)
  • SEASON THREE: April 2009 to October 2010 (2 Therendor to 4 Eyre 998 YK)
  • Season Three Preview
  • Season Two: February - October 2008 (1-24 Olarune 998 YK)
  • Season One "Unfinished Business:" November 2007 - January 2008 (18-28 Zarantyr 998 YK)
  • Season One: January - September 2007 (3-26 Zarantyr 998 YK)
  • Prequel: December 2008 (Rhaan 997 YK)

House Rules . Timeline - 998 YK


Season Four:

Eyre 998 YK: The threat of civil war in Breland grows in the aftermath of the failed Swords of Liberty attack on New Cyre and the thwarted assassination attempt on Prince Bortan, which the prince publicly blamed on Regent Kor (going so far as to say King's Citadel agents were directly involved). Parliament, just returning after a two-month recess following King Boranel's death, is in disarray as the anti-monarchist faction -- seen by many as sympathetic to the now-disgraced Swords of Liberty -- loses influence. The Dragonmarked Houses are also in crisis, with House Vadalis animals, House Cannith constructs and mercenaries claiming House Deneith affiliation all seen at the Siege of New Cyre. Both Droaam and Darguun have mobilized forces to their borders with Breland, even as Darguun faces an uncertain future with Lhesh Haruuc's illness.

But the more immediate concern is a mystery -- over a huge swathe of Khorvaire centered somewhere near New Cyre, Eberron's 12 moons appear to have stopped. They rise and fall each night at exactly the same times, and their phases (full, gibbous, half, crescent or new) have not changed since the 3rd of Eyre. The mobile fortress Dejarn, headquarters of the King's Citadel of Breland, remains anchored at the edge of New Cyre while sages, mages and other experts try to explain what's happening and how to counter the phenomenon if needed....

Season Three:

Therendor 998 YK: The procession bearing King Boranel's body to Thronehold for burial among the Emperors of Galifar is stopped in the Brelish Zone of Throneport. Regent Kor has yet to convene Parliament to select a new King, even as Prince Bortan, eldest son of the King and outgoing Royal Steward, travels from town to village shoring up his claim to the crown. Anti-monarchist sentiment is also rising, and Swords of Liberty cells have appeared throughout Breland. Meanwhile, the Bugbear threat to Sterngate was defused, and hundreds of ex-Cyran slaves were repatriated to Sharn and New Cyre, joining their countrymen and bringing tales of Goblin cruelty. The Adventurers (Jarvis, Thomas, Crest, Golandar and a few others) still don't know who has Guurgaal, or what it will be used for -- but they have some leads, starting in Sharn....


Rhaan 997 YK: A team of Kech Volaar operatives in northern Darguun come across a band of outlaws and mercenaries forming a "new" Dhakaani clan, the Dark Hands. Funded by a cache of ancient Dhakaani coins, supported by a rogue Hobgoblin warlord and an excoriate House Cannith artificer, this so-called "Thirteenth Clan" is a potential threat to the entire region. The Kech Volaar team pursued a lead into the Seawall Mountains and was never heard from again....

Season Two:

Olarune 998 YK: As Breland reels from the death of the beloved King Boranel, new enemies and new conspiracies block the progress of six intrepid adventurers as they race against time to stop someone from doing something with the ancient (or remade) Dhakaani legacy weapon Guurgaal -- something that, if successful, may reignite the Last War.

Season One "Unfinished Business:"

New Cyre, 18 Zarantyr 998 YK. The incursion of the "Dark Hand" Goblinoids has been stopped, but questions remain: How did they get into Breland in the first place? What were they after? Four Humans -- Thomas the Wizard, Nina the Druid, Alfred the Bard and Brackenmore the Rogue -- are sent to find answers.

Season One Finale:

Sharn, the City of Towers, in southern Breland, 26 Zarantyr 998 YK. The largest metropolis in Khorvaire, and probably on all Eberron. Faye Dwarfhammer is ostensibly there working on assignment deep in the Cogs for the mysterious firm Noçeon, Zimmall, Zuñiga & Nayazaki (NZZN). Dashiell Kaplan has temporarily resumed his post at the Temple to Boldrei under reconstruction in the Fallen District. Draco, Colden, Stend and Crest have their roles to play in upcoming events as well.

Season One Start:

Sterngate, a fortress on the Breland side of the border with Darguun, 3 Zarantyr 998 YK. Travel by House Orien Earth Sled north, then northeast along the northern Seawall Mountains to New Cyre, with a stop at Diamond Gulch to pick up small caravan of Cyran refugees led by Argent, a Warforged priest of the Silver Flame. It's about 240 miles to New Cyre, so expected arrival is late evening, 5 Zarantyr.


Eberron's Moons Explained . The Goblin Language - Glossary


Outer Planar Invasion of Eberron

~-40,000 YK
Dal Quor coterminous with Eberron: Quori (evil outsiders) invade Xen'drik, devastating the Giant empires of Sul'at and Cul'sir. Facing defeat, the Sul'at invoked terrible blood magic to sunder Dal Quor from Eberron, severing the invaders from their prize (by destroying one of Eberron's moons, Crya the Dreamer), while inflicting untold havoc on the Giants' civilization and Xen'drik itself. Knowledge of the magic and mechanisms behind the cataclysm were soon lost, reduced to legends and lore kept by their former Elf slaves.
~-10,000 YK
Xoriat coterminous with Eberron; first Daelkyr incursion lands in the far west of Khorvaire. Dhakaani Empire mobilizes for war, but find the invaders apparently gone. Scholars speculate this was a probe, that the Lords of Madness were content to collect samples and explore the area (including the underdark of Khyber). Gatekeeper lore contends that the earliest students of Vvaraak prevented greater loss.
~-9,000 YK
Xoriat coterminous with Eberron; second Daelkyr incursion, again targeting today's Shadow Marches. Local Orc tribes subjugated; Dhakaani outposts overrun. This time the invaders stay to meet the full power of Dhakaan's army in battle; Hobgoblin phalanxes and Bugbear shock troops fall by the thousands to Beholders, Illithids and other aberrations, but battle ends in stalemate. Daelkyr lord takes up residence in former Dhakaani fortress; legendary Sword of Heroes, Aram, lost, leading to decline of ancient Kuun bloodline. Some say the Dwarven Kingdom of Stone, deep under the Ironroot Mountains, was also attacked by the Daelkyr, birthing the Duergar and Derro; during this time twelve Dwarf clans (plus their Kundarak wardens) were exiled to the surface, the gateways magically sealed behind them.
~-8100 YK
Xoriat coterminous with Eberron; third Daelkyr incursion strikes Khorvaire's northeast (eastern Karrnath, Mror Holds and Lhazaar Archipelago today). Dhakaan meets this invasion with new magics, improved tactics and weapons made from byeshk metal, but facing the first dolgaunts, dolgrims and other Daelkyr creations corrupted from the goblinoid "samples" taken long before, are still forced to concede territory. Gatekeeper observers shocked that Xoriat's "orbit" around Eberron decreased by 900 years (10% less than the previous orbital cycle).
~-7300 YK
Xoriat coterminous with Eberron; fourth Daelkyr incursion, reinforced by even more creatures rising up from hidden openings to Khyber. Hobgoblin metropolis Ja'Shaarat (foundation of today's Sharn) devastated. This may have been when the Kingdom of Stone was completely wiped out. Gatekeepers again see a 10% decrease in Xoriat's orbital cycle, and conclude that the Daelkyr planned to make Xoriat and Eberron permanently coterminous.
~-6560 YK (7,500 years ago)
Xoriat coterminous with Eberron; fifth Daelkyr incursion by The Three met by the Ku'un Dynasty of Dhakaan (a revival of the old Kuun line), which had dedicated itself to preparing for the conflict, including expeditions to Xen'drik to find and bring back Giant-era devices, force-breeding of physically-enhanced feral Goblins (now infesting the Seven Caves mountain), and other innovations including the forging of Guurgaal. End result: Another Dhakaani loss; the Ku'un Dynasty was overthrown, and their lead advisors -- the Draar'Mac (Dark Hands) clan -- were exterminated. The Gatekeepers, who had also prepared for this latest incursion, later used primordial magic to lure or draw all the Daelkyr and their minions away from the lands they had conquered to the Shadow Marches, and then unleashed the full power of Eberron itself. The surviving Daelkyr lords were locked deep within Khyber by mighty druidic wards. Xoriat's orbit shifted so it could no longer become coterminous while the wards hold.

Korranberg Chronicle and Other Articles:

REVISED Things to do before the Restart:

  • Pick your PC for the final climactic sessions (seems to be mostly done)
  • Find that PC's Character sheet.
  • Upgrade to 12th level, converting whatever you can using this Eberron-to-Pathfinder Conversion site:
    • Seriously, it's got useful crunch.
  • Consult the updated House Rules. Generally speaking...
    • For 3.5-specific classes like Warlock, Beguiler, Duskblade and the Bo9S classes (Warblade, Swordsage, Crusader), just reallocate your Skill Points and Feats,and do the best you can with the rest.
    • Sure, Duskblades and Beguilers are pretty much Magi and Inquisitors...but if you want to keep your previous Class Abilities and Spell Lists, fine.
    • Because Pathfinder PCs are almost always superior to their 3.5 predecessors, Gestalting Paragon Classes makes a lot less sense than before.
  • Don't add any Equipment or Money.
    • Or do add, because obviously New Cyre -- a small town populated by refugees that just survived a terrible battle where hundreds died -- is chock-full of Ye Olde Magick Shoppes waiting to sell to YOU!
  • Keep Herb updated on your plans.

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  • SEASON FOUR, Part I: 24 May to 13 December 2015 (9 to 15 Eyre 998 YK)